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Small sale of merchandise, manga and j-rock cd

Hey everyone, this is my first time doing a sales post. I have various mangas (mostly Simplified and Tradtional Chinese), merchandise and a Dir en Grey cd.

Code Geass clear stickers
Vampire Knight - Zero bromide (Lala 30th Anniversary)
Naruto - Chibi Sasuke clear post card
Code Geass Namecard case with cards
Angel Feather mini clear file set of 2
Bleach - Byakuya pencil board
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle mini Clear mouse pad
Prince of Tennis - Ryoma pencil board us$2
D.Gray-Man Innocence Box White (new, unopened)
Persona Trinity Soul - Shin Mobile phone strap

Zero-sum (monthly) Jan 2010

Simplified Chinese mangas:
Houshin Engi
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Dear Boys

Traditional Chinese mangas:
Juvenile Orion (Full set of 5)
Cute X Guy (3 out of 4 books)
Trinity Blood

Japanese mangas:
Dolls by Naked Ape

English yaoi manga:
Il Gattou Sul G vol 2
Skyscrapers of Oz

J-Rock cd:
Uroboros - Dir en Grey (Japan edition) 1st press, with poster

For pictures, prices and questions and other stuff, please comment at my journal here. Thanks. :)

I am open to negotiations, and all items will be shipped from Singapore.
Tags: collectibles, manga: english, music: jrock
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