I am Jack’s abandoned mathematical conundrum. (houdini_splicer) wrote in garagesalejapan,
I am Jack’s abandoned mathematical conundrum.

English Meet Sailor...books for sale + Minako festival doll

I've got all 5 of the English Meet Sailor- books that I need to sell :( I don't really want too, but with Christmas rapidly approaching and not as much money being brought in I need some extra moolah for gifts.

So, they're $25 shipped within the US, $30 shipped everywhere else. The price is firm since I originally paid almost $10 for them each :/ So, yeah. If they don't sell on LJ, I'll be putting them up on ebay.

Venus & Mercury - Are both in seriously 'Near Mint' condition. There is barely any wear since I didn't stack them in a shelf or anything, the binding is tight and there are no rips/tears/bends/folds/etc...on any of the pages. There is a small mark on the shiny writing part on Venus' but it's so light it doesn't show up in any pictures.

Moon & Mars - They are in 'Very Good' condition. They have slightly more wear than Venus & Mercury but they're still in great shape. There are no rips or folds in any pages in these one either. They just look as if they were read more often is all.

Jupiter - This is the one with the most wear. It still has no rips or folds or pages falling out, but it was obviously read more and used. I'd call it 'Good' condition.

Minako festival doll

I sold her on ebay, except now the highest bidder is being a douchebag and not paying and is not communicating with me at all. So, if anyone wants to buy it, it's up for grabs. She has been out of the box, but she will be shipped in it. The box has some wear from being shipped and age but is in very good condition and still has all the little cardboard festival props attached to it's side. Minako herself is in very good condition as well, but the little felt spoon she's holding has detached because of how old the glue is. It is not damaged or torn or anything and probably could just be glued easily back into place, I'm just lazy and never did it.

I'm asking $14.00 shipped for this within the US but I'm open to ~a little~ wiggle room.

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