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Auction! and Selling!

Hi again. I'm auctioning new unused item from Alice Nine - Camisole and Leopard Shorts Set (L). The good already sold out at PSC Online unless at auction.

For more info, click on the picture to the auction entry ^___^

Also I'm still selling other items like VK magazine, Alice Nine goods (bandana, posters, digis, trading cards, desktop calenders and etc), Visual Kei New Year 2009 DVD, the GazettE sticker, DBSK Balloon Trading Sets of 30, DBSK Postcards, Mangas (Swan, Ouron High School Host Club, Descendent of Darkness, Wild Adapter) and clothes from Japan ( blouse and starry parka). I definately can negotiate price, but please be reasonable.

Please take a look. Thanks :D
Tags: fashion: general, magazines, music: jrock, posters
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