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Hello everyone! ^^ My school's undergoing a winter fund-raising for the needy, and a large majority of the school is participating! And well, my anime/asian culture club's idea for this was to sell little grab-bags of stickers, stationery, and collectibles, that sort of thing.

Here's where you come in! We don't have much in the way of club funds, but we're looking for things like those listed above, stuff you could put into grab-bags and aren't totally useless or junky. Don't think I'm making much sense, I'm not very good at articulating. ^^;

So really, we're looking for collections of kawaii/anime themed things that we could get in bulk and are hopefully not too expensive. If my flustered blabbering is making any sense to anyone, then please feel free to comment with links to what you have to offer. :D

Probably important: prefer sellers reside in US, maybe Canada, and can only pay by concealed cash >_<;

On an unrelated note, wishlist is here. :3
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