Mina & Rui (mparf) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Mina & Rui

[DS] a bucketload of plushies! [Aussie buyers get priority- Will ship internationally, read on]

* I have feedback under mparf@loligothdbs, mparf@mua and chicken_zombies@ebay.
*Paypal and bank Deposit only.
*Prices do not include shipping.

Large Seal: $12aud
small blue seal: $7aud [vibrates]
small cream seal: $7aud [vibrates]
small white seal: $7aud [vibrates]
Plush milk key chains: $2aud each

Large My Melody: $15aud
White/Gold Medium Gloomy: $12aud
White/Silver Medium Gloomy: $12aud
Hello Kitty/ Duck Plush: $5aud
Green Tofu: $4aud
White Tofu: $4aud
Green Yeast Keychain/window hanger: $4aud
Pink yeast Keychain/Window hanger: $4aud
Yellow Yeast Keychain/Window hanger: $4aud
Jack Skellington: $12aud- have a small black shadow/mark on his forehead.

Brown Gloomy Paw: $4aud
Pink Mini Gloomy: $5aud
Rilakkuma window hanger and pot: $4aud
Pink Gloomy Paw: $4aud

Makes great last minute gifts or stocking stuffers! <3
Tags: collectibles, toys
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