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Manga Sale!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone! I am back and selling more mangafor cheap, plus a rare yaoi Umbrella from Yaoi Press click my cut for more info:

I am sad to say that this time around I have to not include shipping so when you order please include your zip code so I can calculate shipping.


Yaoi manga
Il gato Sul G II $2
Prince Charming vol.1-3 $2 each or $5 for the set
Hybrid Child $2
Gakuen Heaven (Nakajima) $1 (bend in one corner pics of damage upon request)
Rose of the Rhine $2

Jazz vol.1-2 $5 each (I am selling these for a friend and this is the price she asked for. Jazz vol. 1 has a wrinkle in the cover pics of it upon request)

Princess Ai vol.2-3 $1ea
The 9 Lives vol 1$1 (has slight damage on spine, pics upon request)

Yaoi Umbrella

This umbrella is supposedly a rare item from Yaoi Press (only so many where made at least that's what Yamilia Abraham told a friend of mine) I bought it at a local Anime con Otaku Mex (in New Mexico) from the Yaoi Press booth. Only problem is a friend bought me one too ^^;; I really have no need for 2 so I am selling 1. There is a small hole in this one (but this one was the better one for sale mine had 2 in it ^^;;) Yamilia was trying to find ones that didn't have holes but these were unnoticable either way it's still a must have for a yaoi fan ( reason why I wanted one!) I want at least $5 for this plus shipping (I will have to send it in a poster tube) but I am open to offers.

I have feedback here:
I do still accept trades other Yaoi, Ouran High School Host Club stuff (not manga or anime).

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