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DS: Figures and Plushies!

Paypal only. All prices do not include shipping. Priority goes to those who are able to pay first! Shipping is through USPS Priority unless otherwise requested! International orders welcome! Each item requires a 5% Paypal Fee Kon in Yukata Price: 10$ USD Final Fantasy XI Cactuar Price: 5$ USD He is My Master Plushie Price: 10$ USD Sakura Maid outfit - Tsubasa Chronicles Scuff on front of Apron Price: 15$ USD Tidus (Display version without sword or box) Price: 15$ USD Unknown cute anime girl Price: 5$ USD Skuld and her Robot - Ah! My Goddess Price: 10$ USD Akira Mystery Figure - Lucky Star (Lucky Channel) Price: 5$ USD Mini Gundam Figure Price: 5$ USD
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