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CD Garage Sale

Official Japanese release CDs from artists like Gackt, T.M.Revolution, and Rag Fair. Singles and full-length CDs. All cases have been stored in plastic so if you see any stickers or dust that is on the plastic and NOT the CD cover unless otherwise specified. I can check for playability on request. Most of the CDs haven't been listen to for about a year.

All CDs $25.00, all fullsize singles $8.00, minidisc singles $4.00.

I cannot guarantee Christmas delivery but I will ship via your specified method.

For additional track information please check out,, or leave me a comment and I can check for you. :)


Gackt Rebirth and Moon.


Pierrot I.D. Attack and Mad Sky MD.


TMR Triple Joker and Restoration Level 3. TMRe Suite Seasons. TMR White Breath MD (has sticker on cover).


Smap "Hajimete no Natsu/First Summer" and Pool Bit Boys "Venus Accident" MD singles.

My feedback is visible here


More than you ever wanted to know about my selling policies are here. :)

My email address is

I am out of school so I will most likely mail every other day or every three days based on volume of sales but if you need something shipped out right away let me know and I'll go to the P.O. :)
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