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Added Shitajikis and lowered somemore prices

Hello lovely people. I'm selling artbooks, CD's, DVD's, and a whole bunch of both Japanese/English manga from numerous series. I also have several video game related merchandise up on sale too. Your free to haggle me about prices on the video games/CD's, artbooks, but please be reasonable. If you guys are planning to buy something before Chirstmas, please let me know immediately about shipping costs and everything.

  I added new additions to my store inventory with some shitajikis(pencil boards) from the following series:

-Flame of Recca
-Fushigi Yuugi
-Final Fantasy VIII
-Hikaru No Go
-Weiss Kreuz -Yu Yu Hakusho

My feedback can be found here. Obviously, I'm still a new seller, but I hope to accumulate more feedback in the future for my customer's preferences.
Tags: anime, collectibles, manga: english, manga: japanese
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