I am Jack’s abandoned mathematical conundrum. (houdini_splicer) wrote in garagesalejapan,
I am Jack’s abandoned mathematical conundrum.

Sailor Moon reprint manga for sale

I have volumes 1-12 + the 2 special volumes of the Reprint manga for sale. I managed to buy most of the gifts I needed too, but I evidently forgot about several other gifts and junk I needed to still buy *rolls eyes*

They do not have stickers. They are all in near-mint to mint condition as I bought them brand new directly from Japan. They may have a tiny, tiny bit of shelf wear but it is barely noticeable.

I am asking $85 shipped within the US using media mail. If you want another shipping method, you'll have to pay more.

I need this gone fairly quickly though, so if they don't sell, they'll be going on ebay fairly quick.

No money orders/cash/check because I need the money ASAP.

Pictures for proof can be obtained upon request.


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