miyukilace (miyukilace) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Still WTB: Black Lolita Blouse & Hello!Project/Morning Musume

Hi everyone!!
I realized that in my Lolita wardrobe I really could use a black blouse. I'm willing to look at anything though I'd like to spend less than $50! ^^
I'm a juniors' medium-large size. <3

I know I posted three days ago about my search for Helloproject CDs, photos, and other things! Mainly Morning Musume. I'm still open for anything you have and I'm sorry for posting again!
Since Christmas is coming up I'd like to buy photos of the following members for my friends:
- Airi Suzuki
- Sayumi Mischishige
- Nozomi Tsuji
and my favorites, Risa Niigaki and Hitomi Yoshizawa.

I pay by paypal. ^^

Thanks very much and Merry Christmas!!!
Tags: fashion: egl, music: jpop, wanted
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