Miss Kalloway (misskalloway) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Miss Kalloway

[Selling] Manga, Anime, Toys, Doujin, Etc.

• My 'I really need to clear some space' Sale is running til the end of the year - check under the cut for a list of $1 manga and more. (Prices for this are NOT reflected on my Sale Post, so be sure to mention you saw this on GSJ!)

• Shipping is NOT included in prices and from this point on, I cannot guarantee delivery before xmas.

• Trades only for Gundam SEED/Astray items that I lack (feel free to offer any other Gundam stuff, though -- I will consider it).

• Full sale post is here and gallery is here.

$1/each items:

Passion 1-2
Tenryu 1-2
Hands Off 1-2
Male Graduation 1-3 (JP)
Spirit Marked
Orphen 1
Demon Ororon 1-2
Wedding Peach 1
Liling Po 1-2
Prisoner of the Immortal
Monsters Inc
Gravitation Novel
Mars 5
Kingdom Hearts 3-4 (JP)
Trigun 1
This Houshin Engi Doujin Anthology
Yami no Matsuei 1, 6-8 (JP)

Other $1 Items:
Japanese Music Book
The Shaman King doujinshi here
Sentai/Ultraman(?) Gashapon
Sakura Wars Maria Figure
DBZ Bendy Gotenks
DBZ Stickers
DBZ Gohan Figure
YGO Puzzle
Pokemon Lot
DBZ Set 1
DBZ Set 2
DBZ Hercule Keychain
DBZ/PPG Figure Set
Shoujo Beat Calendar
Sonic Trading Cards
YGO Folder
YGO Pegasus Hot Wheels Car
DBZ Calendar
YGO Hot Wheels Van
Hello Kitty Phonecharm
Milk-chan Poster
Phoenix Wright Postcard
Tokyopop Calendar
Pokemon Puzzle
Newtype USA Magazines
Devil Hunter Yohko VHS
Fruits Basket Poster
FMA Poster
Tenchi GXP Poster
Ranma 1/2 VHS Tapes
Kenshin VHS Tapes
Trigun VHS Tapes
Fushigi Yuugi VHS
Sainkoku Poster/Calendar (2010)
Domo Poster
FMA Figures
Doujin Stationery Set
Sequence Card
Cibo Matto CD
Shonen Knife CD
Shoujo Beat Calendar

Tons and tons of old video game magazines, $1/each or 10/$5 -- including old Nintendo Power magazines, GMR, etc. Really looking to clear the shelves!
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