panda (puppenblut) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling an unfinished HISUI (GHOST) Cosplay

Costume is from GHOSTs - Yurikago wa madoromi(PV).

- Front and back on Hisui
- Some photos of him and the costume
- how far I got
- Detail skirt
- Detail sleeve
- Details front
- Material
- Photo in a CURE issue

You can see how far I got on some of these pictures. Sadly I just don't have the time to finish it and so it's been inside my closet for about 1 year already without beeing touches. I am selling everythig I've bought for it until the day I had to stop. That includes fabric, lace, buttons, ....

The skirt is almost finished.
Top: The zipper has to be sewed in, same with the sleeves. Lace and buttons have to be attatched, also the collar and hem.
Bow: The bow consist of 3 pieces, which still have to be sewed together (in the pic I just layed it neatly) and be attatched to this main thing...take a look at the photo of Hisui and you'll know what I mean ;D
Gantlets, headpiece or hat: I didn't start working on these.

The material costed almost 120€ untill now and I already did quite some work.
I would be selling it for 76€ including shipping in germany (69€+shipping world wide) or make me an offer.

You could also use it as Gothic Lolita clothing....
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