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DS: Putumayo Pink+Black Hoodie, Loli and clothing SALE!

Up for sale! All items are reduced price from my original price on my website. Please take a look. What I have are:
Hats for winter fashion

Putumayo Short Sleeve Hoodie Size Small
$75 USD ---NOW $30 USD
Like new but has been worn because it's so damn cute!!! It's a bright pink and black with their logo and cat on the back. It's definitely unique and cute. I love it very much.

Cute HK XS Mini Skirt Floral print BRAND NEW without tags $25 USD ---NOW $20 USD
BRAND NEW WOT. It is too small and short for me. o_o However it looks really really cute.

Pink MARJOUR Sweet Lolita Top NEW WITH TAGS! ~ $85 ---NOW $30 USD
Free size, new with tags. Only tried out to see how it fits and it fits many sizes. (Small~Medium) It comes with detachable long sleeves. Very cute and elegant. Should be matched with a beautiful skirt. By MARJOUR.

Marjour Lolita Top Size Small-Medium $50 USD ---NOW $28 USD
New without tags! Pink with white ruffles. Strings to attach by your neck and a cute design in the back of a cupid.

Rampage Top Size Small $20 USD --- NOW $15 USD
New without tags! Black cotton lolita top with mid length puffy sleeves.

Pucca Size Extra Small Top $15 USD --- NOW $10 USD
Good conditioned Pucca top from the Philippines. It is cute and looks like a jumper style t-shirt.

X-Girl Girls Tank Top Size Small ~ $25 ---NOW $15 USD
Used in good condition. I bought this in the Philippines and it's very lovely. It has random words that is really funny. It's unique and I wore it when I saw D'espairsRay. ;P I think the face looks like Micheal Jackson but I'm not sure. haha

Pink and purple plaid mini Size Small~ $15
Like new skirt barely worn. It has two button closures and is very hip and cute in the spring/summer time. Perfect!!!

Teal Size Small Skirt ~ $15 (add belt and total will be $25)
Like new skirt barely worn. It has a side zipper. It's a bubble mini skirt. Really cute when you add accessories on it. (belt as shown in images)
***check belt styles on accessories page***

Authentic San X Hand Bag NEW $25 ---NOW $20 USD
Authentic from Japan. Comes with two zippered openings. One is the main compartment which has a cell phone compartment. The second zipper opening is in the front and can hold cards, ids, money, etc. There is also a little pocket in the front as seen in the picture. It is made of denim like material with pink zippers. Very unique and plain adorable. The straps are made of metal chains. Rare and hard to find as this is an older season.

Gray/Blue Plaid Hat Size Small/Medium $20 USD
Like new blue plaid hat that has a little button to accent it. Very cute hat for the winter time!!!

BAPE Baby Milo Cap All Size $20 USD
Used but in good condition white hat of Baby Milo. Super cute and a collectable.

HK Brown Hat Free Size $20 USD
Used but in good condition brown polka dot hat from HK. Has little black pearlish accents on the hat as well.

DIY Kit ~ $15 New Condition has instruction manual but it's all in Chinese. Has pictures. Contains 2 pairs of pink yarn and a plastic 'thing' to construct the scarf/hat, etc.

I accept PAYPAL or MONEY ORDER. I ship all over the US and shipping is $7 for each item, unless item is very large. I ship world wide too but costs will be higher.
email me for direct order: and please put LJ: [item name] on the subject line! Thank you! Further questions? Reply here or email me.

My feedback is at larukunohyde

Please refer to this post when making an order from Garagesalesjapan

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