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Christmas Sale! :)

Happy Holidays everyone! I'm selling some of my cds and stuff at pretty low prices, so please take a look! Every purchase will come with a small gift; since it's almost Christmas, and also to express my thanks :)
  • Mirotic CD
  • Super Junior T and H CDs
  • the TRAX CDs
  • DBSK posters
  • DBSK magazine
  • <
I am also willing to wrap and decorate any purchases(if you want to give it to someone as a gift or directly sent to their door)for only an extra $2 more!

-I accept concealed cash, money orders, and cheques(or paypal if absolutely necessary)

-I ship from San Francisco

-Shipping is not included

-Please do not comment if you are not serious about buying

Mirotic CD
-Great condition

Rock&Go(Super Junior T x Moeyan)
-Great condition -$10

Cooking Cooking
-Great condition, -$10

TRAX CD's (Rhapsody, Scorpio, Blaze Away, Paradox)
-Great condition. Paradox has a crack on the cover
-$8 each, or $30 for all

The following posters are $10 each, $17 for two, or $26 for all three.

Vacation Poster(rare)
-Great condition

Mirotic Poster
-Great condition

O Poster(out of print) -Mint condition, back has some tape

Arena 37º OCT 2007
-Great condition(DBSK poster is hung, but can be included if desired)

Super Junior Fanmade Photobook

-Great condition, very thick, printed on wonderful quality paper
-Previews: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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