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Selling manga, GLBs, etc, Please Take a Look!!

Hi everyone!! ^__^ It's almost Christmas and I need money to buy for my friends & family and such. If anyone is interested in the following items, I can get pictures later today!

- Prices are negotiable.
- Paypal preferred.
- Price does not include shipping.
Feedback: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=snoopyjetta

ITEMS: - 2 Gothic & Lolita Bibles U.S. http://japaneseliterature.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/gothic-lolita-bible.jpg
& http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_8Gz0vKPUC0U/SMneCJpbpTI/AAAAAAAABjU/LfFUnCr0vz8/s320/gothic+and+lolita+bible+3+english+edition.jpg
Perfect except missing patterns; Asking $12-$15, $20 for both.

- Bleach manga lot 1-5, all great condition except #2, which was bought at a secondhand store and has dirt on the front cover. Lot for $15; each separate for $4.

- Bleach SOULS official Character Book. Mint condition except for rough front cover corners. Info on characters, storyline, chapters, etc... Really quite cool. ^_^ Retail about $20; Selling for $5 with Bleach lot or $10 separately.

- Bleach Ishida Plushie (will get picture soon!) Adorable; bought at a comicon. $7, or with manga lot or SOULS book for $5.

- Death Note Manga Vol. 4.: Near perfect condition. $4
- Loveless Manga Vol. 1: Near perfect condition. $4
- Wolf's Rain Manga Vol. 2: Near perfect condition. $4.

Comic: - Gerard Way & Gabriel Ba's Umbrella Academy, #s 1-3; one of them has a tear on the cover, but they are mostly in great shape. $5 for lot of 3.

Thank you!!!
Tags: fashion: egl, manga: english
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