Sohru (baratsubomi) wrote in garagesalejapan,

An Cafe Group Order

I am hosting an An Cafe group order. View my journal for more information. I've got good feedback from sales and previous group orders I've done. I'll give at least 5 more days to respond.

I am also selling some An Cafe items.
- Payment via paypal or conceale cash in USD.
- No holds.
- Priority goes to whoever can pay first.
- I am not responsible for lost or damaged items.
- I am willing to negotiate a price.
- Will post pictures upon request.
- Items are in good condition.
- Don't judge my prices.

1. Gokutama Rock Second Press $10
2. Smile Ichiban ii Onna single$13
3. Cherry Sakura Yuuki Sinle$10
4. Shikisa Moment First Press $45  
5. Shoxx photo set (10 photos, 1 of per member) $20 (Can only get from ordering in a shoxx magazine)
6. Patti Patti 6 postcard photoset $10
7. Final of Nyappy t-shirt size s (3 available)
8. Bou's Last Live First Press $50 (Backstage pass included)
Tags: music: jrock
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