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Plushies, shirts, media, etc

I take PayPal and will ONLY accept payments as gifts, in order to avoid fees. I'm selling things so cheap that the fees will just eat everything up!
I ship via USPS, US domestic and international. Shipping is not included in the prices, and will be totaled based on buyer location (shipping from Georgia).

Giant Pokemon Marril plushy

A whopping 23" high by 19" wide. He's a little beat up but otherwise still soft and cuddly! Marill will never let you down.

Pokemon Vileplume plushy

One of his lil eyes is loose but he's in otherwise great condition!

Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town t-shirt

The size tag is ripped off but I think it's a size small.

TM Revolution - Vertical Infinity CD+DVD

No obi. $10

Soft Ballet - Million Mirrors CD

No obi. $6

Pine*am T-shirt

This is a t-shirt from the Jpop electronic band Pine*am! Women's size small. I've worn this like twice. Orange just isn't my color ^^

Duel Jewel T-shirt

This is t-shirt from Duel Jewel's first US tour back in like 2003. They signed it but the sigs have faded over the years ^^; Size small.

Psycho le Cemu T-shirt

This is a modified t-shirt from Psycho le Cemu's first US tour in America in 2004! The shirt used to be a men's medium, but I cut it down and serged the insides to make it fit a woman's figure. This will fit a small or extra small.

hide keychains

Collection of four hide keychains. They are about 2.5" tall. They are overall in great condition, except: the green jacket one has some paint scuffs on the hair and shoes, and the one with the leopard hat is missing the chain. One for $3, two for $6, three for $8, all four for $10.

Silk kinchaku pouch from Kyoto.

5 piece Asian dining set

Box says 8 piece, but one of the bowls is missing and there are no chopsticks (but you probably already have those, right?). Otherwise it's in perfect condition, never used!

L'Amant (Korean Version)

The cover is a little different, I couldn't find a pic of it (Dawoori doesn't have it for sale anymore online).
Subs: Korean, Japanese
Languages: English, French, Japanese
Region: All
Tags: anime, collectibles, fashion: general, movies, music: jpop, music: jrock, traditional, video games
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