Life is a Game & True Love is a Trophy (kurarisa) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Life is a Game & True Love is a Trophy

Please make an offer for the following items

Anime Soundtracks:
Card Captor Sakura Character Song Collection
Card Captor Sakura Movie 2 OST
Inuyasha 2 Disc Theme Collection
Naruto OST
Angelic Layer OST
Chobits OST 1
Chobits OST 2
Neosoul (tofu records)

Shoujo Manga Preview Books (furoku)
Azumanga Daioh 1 (english)
Card Captor Sakura screencap episode books (chinese)
Chobits 4 (japanese)
Angelic Layer 1 (english)
Angelic Layer 3 (chinese)
Anime Encyclopedia
How to draw manga (with mini figure)
Naruto Official Character Data book 1 (japanese)
Hot Gimmick 8 (english)

Abenobashi Magical Shopping Arcade vol. 1 (with box)
Magic Knight Rayearth vol. 2 (subbed)
Aishiteruze Baby handbag
Onegai Twins clear file
Fun Fun Factory board
Card Captor Sakura puzzle
portable mini speakers

Purple soft fuzzy hat (made mostly of angora)

top left: oriental small handbag
top right: fake louis vuitton handbag
bottom: denim guess handbag

Reverse handbag

Banana Republic Denim Vest /size: L

Hanes Black T-shirt (I have 2) /size: S (looks more like L)

Blue Asphalt thin turtleneck /size: S

Gap light blue hooded sweater /size: M

Gap off-white heavy denim jacket /size: L

Gap light yellow long sleeve shirt /size: M

Gap grey long sleeve shirt /size: M

Gap red long sleeve soft shirt /size: M

Gap grey long sleeve hoodie with front pocket shirt /size: M

Gap grey stretch sweater (with inside pocket) (I have 2) /size: M

Karen Kane orange jacket /size: L (feels more like a M)

Karen Kane black and white THICK sweater /size: M

Karen Kane black tank top (76% silk) /size: M

Karen Kane black tank top (almost same as above /size: S

Karen Kane black floral slip shirt (goes with black tank top) /size: M

Karen Kane white silk shirt /size: M
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