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Clothes galore

I'm trying to get rid of some clothes that I don't wear anymore. My style's been changing and wow do I need the room in my closet now. Help me out and get some nice clothes at the same time.

I'm willing to negotiate on prices. So if you see something you like but don't like the price, make me an offer and I'll see what I can do. Shipping will be from Japan and has two options either Airmail or EMS. EMS is quick and pricey whereas Airmail takes a while but is cheaper. Because I'm in Japan, I can only accept paypal as payment.

Also, I apologize for the thumbnails. I'm new to imageshack and I'm not sure how to change the size of the pictures to something between freaking enormous and thumbnail. Click on the picture if you want to see it bigger.

Peace Now punk style coat. Belt around waist and one button to close coat. Only worn once. In excellent condition (a little wrinkly; could stand to be ironed). $40 plus shipping.
Front of the coat. Close up of the belt and neck.

Back of the coat.

Peace Now T-shirt. Size M. The black on the front design is a little faded, but not bad, just dull. $20 plus shipping.

Peace Now long sleeved black shirt. Smoking skull with a top hat design. $20 plus shipping.

Peace Now long sleeved pink shirt. Worn only a couple of times. $20 plus shipping.

Peace Now long sleeved purple shirt. $20 plus shipping.

Peace Now long sleeved brown shirt. Design of two skeletons in coffins with writing underneath on front. $20 plus shipping.

Peace Now purple tank top with butterfly print and ribbon lacing at throat. $15 plus shipping.

Peace Now black with white polka dots tank top. White ribbon lacing up front and across neck. $25 plus shipping.

Peace Now short sleeved black sweater dress. Very cute. Only worn twice. $40 plus shipping.


Peace Now long sleeved black and white striped knit shirt. Only worn once. Holes are decorative, not defects. $35 plus shipping.

Peace Now white button down dress shirt with cross design on collar. Large cuffs on sleeves. Never worn; tag still on. $20 plus shipping.

Peace Now pants. Garters attach leg to waist. Skirt attached to back on the pants. Red spider web thread design on sides and skirt. Unfortunately, never worn. By the time I managed to find a pair that I liked that fit, they weren’t my style anymore. Tag still on. $40 plus shipping.

“Algonquins Psycho” long sleeved shirt. Zippers at the neck actually work. Material is very soft. It’s a comfortable shirt. $30 plus shipping.

Algonquins skirt. Multiple layers: black, stripped. Straps on back can be adjusted and reclipped. Some fraying on edges and on straps, but still in very good condition. $35 plus shipping.
Front of skirt Back of skirt Close up on left hip

Batsu “Cake” long sleeved sweatshirt material shirt. Front has a felt ‘C’ on the left breast and “CAKE” on the back. $20 plus shipping.
Front Back

Liz Lisa tan camisole. Adjustable straps. Blouses out at the bottom. Only worn once. $25 plus shipping.

Liz Lisa white knit turtleneck vest. Flower is not removable. Worn once. $30 plus shipping

Liz Lisa short white and pink flower design skirt with lace at the bottom. Worn once. $30 plus shipping.

Liz Lisa short pink skirt. Never worn. $20 plus shipping.
Front Back

Liz Lisa cream dress. Lace around bust area. Straps cross in the back and have been tailored; shortened from original. $20 plus shipping.
Front Close up of bust Back Close up of back

Liz Lisa dusky pink dress with long sleeves. Form fitting dress. Collar and cuffs white with lace and buttons. $20 plus shipping.
Front Close up of neckline Close up of cuff

Liz Lisa white knit parka with hood. Voluminous with bell sleeves. Buttons down the front. Very warm. $50 plus shipping.
Close up on buttons

Liz Lisa long off white winter coat. Double breasted. Very soft. Only worn twice. $45 plus shipping.
Front Back Close up on buttons

Liz Lisa short white coat. Double breasted. Never worn. $35 plus shipping.

Short black jacket. Not a brand jacket. Double breasted with gold buttons on cuffs and front. Never worn. Needs to be attacked with a lint brush, but otherwise in excellent condition. $25 plus shipping.
Front Close up of collar. Close up of one of the buttons.

“Glamorous Films” T-shirt. Sleeves are split with decorative gold buttons. $10 plus shipping.

Leg warmers: Black with ribbon lacing up the front. Never worn. $10 plus shipping SOLD
Purple tights with black ribbing. 80 dernier. Worn once. $10 plus shipping
Black spats with lacing at ankle. Never worn. Tag still on. $10 plus shipping

Thank you for your time. ^_^
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