milk (jomaku) wrote in garagesalejapan,

hello, everyone! i'm selling two gyaru dresses- a lip service one and a galaxxxy one, both size m (but would fit large s/small m the best), both bought in japan and 100% authentic. look under the cut for pictures, prices and more information!

lip service green minidress
price: €30/$40 (or best offer)
quality: brand new w/o tags, never worn

galaxxxy blue minidress
prince: €20/$30 (or best offer)
quality: pre-owned, but in good shape; the color has a brown-ish tint here and there, but that's the original color and not dirt! detail shot.

i will ship from bulgaria, so people living in the eu would be best, but i'm willing to ship worldwide- you'll just have to wait for me to check how much your shipping will be. of course, if you buy both dressed, i will combine shipping! thank you and happy shopping!
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