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CUTE SALE , make up , perfume goodies , loliable things

*i'm located in the US* please inquire about shipping
* i ship internationally too*
* prices are listed in USD
*prices don't include shiping*
* paypal only*
* i am not responsible for lost/damaged goods
* all items will be shipped 1-3 days after i receive your payment - for registered mail, please add $2 to your total
* shipping will take approximately 3-12 workings days maximum depending on your location
* there will be no refunds or exchanges
* serious buyers only

ALL COMMENTS SCREENED to protect your info C:


i do shipped internationally*
prices do not include shipping
payment due within 24 hours of confirming purchase
items shipped 1-2 days after payment is made

Gwen Stefani harajuku lovers perfume

G $45

music $45

baby $45

+Make up+

eye/body glitter
$1 each
3 for $2
+$1 shipping

*standard lipstick size*
$3 each
$5 for both shipped

$1 each
or both for $1.50
+$1 shipping

bag almost 6''
straps long enough to reach hips
mini shoulder bag *never used but has some tiny holes in the fabric from where i pulled the tag*
comes with free eye shadow
$5 shipped

mirror 5''
make up set almost 6 inches
super cute choco themed mirror + interchangeable make up kit (eye shadow and lip gloss)
$7 shipped

cute lollipop soap
$2 each shipped or
one free with purchase of $2o or more (before shipping)

super adorable make up kit
shaped like a suitcase
about 6 1/2'' long
1 1/2'' thick
i have 4 available

cute ipod touch make up looking kit
lip gloss
4 1/2'' tall

chocolate and candy cupcake themed make up kit
10 1/2'' tall
i have 4 available

nail pops sweet shop
nail polish kit
10 1/2'' tall
i have 1 left

BIG make up kit
comes with make up and mirror+bag
13'' tall
i have 1 left

for more sales please visit my journal C:
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