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English Yaoi Manga Sale

 Hello everyone, I just went through some more stuff and now have a lot of Yaoi to sell please click my cut:

I do accept trades preferably other Yaoi manga or any Fantasy Manga (reg or Yaoi) but do show me what you have
Shipping is not included please include your zip in your order so I can calculate shipping
All of this manga contains Mature content, you must be 18 years or older to buy
I am not responsible for lost items in the mail you may ask to either add confirmation or insurance for an added fee.
My feedback is listed here:
Due to only having one car between 3 people I may not get your items out asap.

* to the 2 people who bought from me a couple weeks ago you manga is on it's way*

Top row:
Rose of the Rhine $2
Hate to Love You $2
Cause of my Teacher $2
Family $2
Bottom Row:
Scandalous Seiryo University $2 (has some sticky stuff at the top that won't come off ^^ pictures of it upon request)
Return to Scandalous Seiryo University$2
Beyond Scandalous Seiryo University$2 
($5 for set of 3 Scandalous Seiryo University mangas)
Just Around the Corner $2

Vanilla vols 1-2 $3 ea or $5 for the set
After I Win $1 (has water damage readable but just in case it's only $1 pics of damage upon request)
Hot Limit $3

Jazz vols 1-2 $5 ea

(I am selling these for a friend which is why the price is more. vol.1 has a bit of water damage on the front cover. Pics of  damage upon request. Feel free to make an offer and I will contact her about it and see)

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