fleetingeyes (fleetingeyes) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Yukata for Auction!

1) All item(s) being shipped from Reseda, California, U.S.

2) Prices do not include shipping; International shipping will cost more. After shipment, I will send an invoice for the difference.

3) I will not send the item out until payment clears. I will notify you when item will be shipped.

4) I accept CC and non-CC Paypal. For CC Paypal, please add 2% to the total. I will accept money orders, but please allow payment to clear as well.

5) If you have severe allergic reactions to dogs, I do not recommend purchasing the items. If you have moderate allergies, I will do my best to remove any dog hairs that stray onto the items.

6) You may find my feedback at Loligoth Database, on Ebay, and on my sales LJ.

7) All item(s) can be bought at a "Buy it now!" (BIN) price! "Buy it now!" prices will be listed as bold italic. (Does not include shipping)

AUCTION ENDS 1/7 @4:30pm, Pacific Standard Time

Thank you and good luck!

Red Yukata

Starting bid: $50 Original price $150

Length: 54 in
Shoulder width: 21.5 in
Sleeve length: 12 in

Tags: fashion: general
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