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DS: An Cafe keychains, magazines, posters

An Cafe keychains~!!
and extra stuff that are just taking space in my room^^u

-I ship from CA, USA
-Prices do not include shipping
-Paypal only, unless you want to take the risk of sending your money via mail
-Any questions, feel free to ask~!^w^

An Cafe Keychain

An Cafe keychains Aroma ver.
price: 3$ for 1
-for more than 1, the others will be $2 each

*Commissions open if anyone is interested on a personalized one or just art*

all my magazines and book are in brand new condition. I'm very particular with taking care of them.^^u

Nagima! vol.10 (english)

price: $8

Shonen Jump

3rd Anniversary Issue $4
Special Edition 00: $2.50

Rumble Pack

price: $3.50

Cure (english)

price: $1.25 each
-Riku(Chariots)-2 left
-Kaya-2 left

Vinyl Syndicate

price: $2.50

How to draw manga(english)

price: $5

Neo Steam double sided poster

price: $5

Eureka Seven BIG poster

Poster is 39x27 inches!! A bit wrinkly(?) in the bottom^^u
price: $6

And that will be all for now.
Thank you for looking!^w^

Tags: magazines, manga: english, music: jrock, posters
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