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Cosplay Closet Clean-out!

Trying to clean out a few things from my cosplay "closet"

Anyone that actually knows me, knows how hard it is for me to part with anything, but I can't seriously see myself wearing these again, so I figure time to go to a new home...

All items are as is~
Shipping outside of US will be extra. Paypal accepted.

x-posted to a few communities~ sorry if you got spammed~

Haruhi Suzumiya - Winter Uniform.
Includes Skirt with Zipper, Belt, Uniform shirt and Headband with Yellow Bows.
Shirt has embroidery on the front for the North High emblem.
Fully lined and seams are finished.
Asking $75 plus shipping.
Bust 38, Waist 34, Hips 38

Juliet - Ballgown Version
Made for AnimeBoston 2009
Includes elastic band skirt in pink cotton with light pink trim, Pink top with zipper back, with white attached ruffle, and white collar. Wig & petticoats not included.
Bust 38, Waist 34, Hips 38 - There is room in the skirt to go larger, but the top is pretty much unforgiving. 38 bust/34 waist is Max.
All seams are finished with french seams.
Asking 75$
More pictures found here::

Juliet - Odin Version
Vest, Shirt, Belt ((belt is hidden under the vest)) and Skirt. Wig is not included.
Lily design is embroidered in peach embroidery thread.
Made out of red suede with yellow suede skirt. Fully lined in red bridal satin.
White shirt is made out of cotton, all french seamed.
Rivets in the vest with ribbon to keep it on, hook and eye clasp on front of shirt.
Bust 38, Waist 34, Hips 38
Asking 100$
More pictures found here::

Skuld - Aa!! Megamisama!!
Pink jacket with fully lined red cotton inside.
Pink skirt with Side Zipper
Red Obi
All pieces are fully lined and finished.
Wig not Included.
Made for Katsucon 2006. I think the gloves are MIA but if I find them I'll throw them in for nothing.
Asking $75
Bust 36 - Waist 30 - Hips 36
More pictures found here::

C.C - Code Geass - R2
Overjacket with applique and zipper front ((Belts are no longer included - were used for other costumes))
White tanktop/belly shirt
White shorts
Arm pieces with belts and elastic straps to hold it up.
Wig not Included.
Bust 38 - Waist 34 - Hips 38
Shoes will be listed lower.
Cheese-kun plush not included either.
Asking $50
More pictures found here::

C.C's Boots from Code Geass
Women's Size 10 Painted with acrylic paint and sealed with modge podge.
Asking $75
2.5" heel on these Boots - very comfortable, I wore them around for the entire convention and didn't have any issues with them. Zipper side.

Thanks for looking!
Tags: fashion: cosplay
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