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Selling various figures, manga, doujinshi and games.. NEW LIST!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me either by writing here
or send an e-mail to: h_ann_ae (at) hotmail (dot) com. Offers are welcome! :)

My feedback thread

Death Note Dead or Alive Japanese DVD special, Making of / Behind the scenes - $12 including shipping

Bleach Japanese PSP fighting game - $19 including shipping

SOS Brigade The Melancholy Haruhi Suzumiya key chains / phone straps
$4 each including shipping

Tsuruya san
Yuki Nagato

Bleach clearfile $4 including shipping
Approx 10,5x7,5 inches / 27x19,5 cm

Death Note clearfile $4 including shipping
Approx. 12x8,5 inches / 30x22 cm

Limited Edition Ryuk figure, came with Japanese Death Note DVD box vol. 1 - $6 including shipping

Official Death Note mini plushies $5 each or both for $9, shipping included

Death Note Black Note anthology/anthologies - $7 each including shipping

Black Note 5
Black Note Second Season 5
Black Note Second Season Special
Black Note Love Special

Full Metal Alchemist, FMA Riza Hawkeye keychain / phone strap - $4 including shipping

Togainu no Chi Anthology Comic # 1 - $7 including shipping
A yaoi manga anthology of Togainu no Chi

German Animexx yaoi artbook "BI-COLOR" - $6 including shipping
Collection of yaoi artwork from the popular German site animexx.de

Gyakuten Saiban, Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney 3 Japanese guide book $4 including shipping

Get Backers, japenese vol. 1-2
- $3 each, both for $4 (shipping included)

Ranma ½ Gashapon collection figures
- $7 each including shipping

Official Naruto plushies/plush, Banpresto, $6 each including shipping.

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Rock Lee, Gaara

Omega 2-D doujinshi anthology collectoion - $5 including shipping

Death Note doujinshi book x 2 - $5 each or both for $8, shipping included
Gag doujinshi that covers all chapters (1 - 108), all of the story as well as some extra side stories.

Kenshin vol. 1 - 3, German - $4 each or all 3 for $9 (shipping included)

Takeshi Obata Hikaru no Go Japanese manga volume 1, 2, 3 and 4 - $3 each shipped
All 4 for $9

Battle Royale manga English - $5 shipped

Rumiko Takahashi Ranma½, English volumes 1-15, like new! $6 each including shipping

General notes on shipping:

All items are sent via First-class Airmail from Sweden and usually take 7-14 business days to arrive, may take longer around December.
Are you interested in having your package insured or sent via another method - please contact me!
I cannot be responsible for the item once posted, but I can honestly say that so far I've had all my sold items,
which are quite a few, sent via First-class Airmail and I've never experienced any problems :)


Featuring anything from gag - serious, shounen ai and yaoi stories.
If you want more information on a certain doujinshi, don't hesitate to ask!
All are in excellent condition, like new! :)


I prefer PayPal but am open for suggestions in case you aren't able to pay through there.

"How to draw manga" by The Society For The Study Of Manga Techniques
Volume 1 - Compiling characters
Volume 3 - Compiling application and practice

$6 each, shipping included.

$2 each including shipping

$3 each including shipping

#4 18+, featuring Light, Mello and Matt, is a thicker doujinshi and its first half is text-only story and 2nd half is picture-story.

Omega 2-D, $4 including shipping

Ai Love Love, $9 each including shipping

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