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Ongaku Chunk; New Items Added!

Onkgau Chunk
Several new CDs have been added over at Onkgau Chunk.
Includes CDs from the following artists:
• Hayashibara Megumi
• immi
• Kalafina
• Asian Kung-Fu Generation
• Arai Akino
• ayaka
• Angela Aki
• Do As Infinity
• Sakamoto Maaya
• Shiina Tactix

Feel free to have a look around!
Onkgau Chunk Onkgau Chunk Onkgau Chunk Onkgau Chunk

In addition I have an oversized OLIVIA poster to sell.

OLIVIA - KATE poster 50 USD
• measures about 28 and half inches width x 40 inches length
• is in very good condition with minimal wear on the edges
• will ship in a large tube to preserve it during shipping
• I take paypal or concealed cash/ money order.
• Shipping to US preffered but will ship overseas.

If interested in the poster feel free to comment here.

Tags: music: jpop, music: other, posters
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