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Big Eyes and Bullet Trains

Auctions end soon!

I have a bunch of really cute Gothic Lolita and Punk style Takara Jenny dolls for auction on ebay that are ending today so I thought I'd mention them again.

1. Pretty Takara Jenny Sweet Girl Doll in Gothic Lolita fashion NIB.

2. Super Cute Takara Flora Calendar Girl Doll in Gothic Lolita fashion NIB.

3. Cute Takara Jenny Punk Rock Calendar Girl Doll in Punk / Jrock outfit with electric guitar NIB.

4. Nice Takara Jenny Classic Calendar Girl Doll in Mozart/ Rose of Versailles style fashion NIB.

I also still have some manga that I'm selling, but I haven't listed them on ebay yet. I thought I'd post them here again.

These 4 manga volumes are all shoujo shounen ai titles with "light yaoi" elements. Each manga is b/w with a color cover and color title pages. They are all Japanese language only. They've been looked at a few times but they are in great *used* condition. I'm asking $4 for each one or $14 for the whole set + shipping costs. Shipping is $3 per book or $6 for the lot. Paypal payments or money orders & personal checks are okay. Thanks for looking!

1. Honey Blend by Funi Hongou published by Gust Comics in 1995. This cute manga anthology features the romantic relationship between a couple of Jrock stars and lots more! Nice artwork. About 200 pages . Translation available from Yaoi Sanctuary

2. Black Moon #1 by Sho Himatsuri published by Wings Comics in 1994. This manga is full of action and a little violence. The story centers around a cop/detective who's hunting down a violent criminal who seems to have super human abilities (maybe he's an android?). The cop is torn between his feelings for his partner and growing feelings for the guy he's hunting. If you enjoyed Fake or Oz you'll probably like Black Moon. About 200 pages.

3. From Eton With Love by Riko Miyagi published by Margaret Comics in 1992. Sweet one issue romantic story that takes place in the UK at Eton college. A new student has a hard time sorting out the feelings he has for a few fellow students. Lots of high drama and beautiful artwork in this one. Also comes with a short romantic story about a guy & girl called New Cinema Paradise. About 200 pages.

4. Meikyu (I think?) by Yu Kamiya published by Hakusensha Comics in 1992. This one is hard for me to figure out. The story is a one issue or anthology and has lots of action and some comedy. It seems to involve ghosts of some sort and there's light romance between a few boys and boys & girls. Cute artwork. About 200 pages.

The manga will be sold on a first come first served basis. If you have any questions about anything I'm selling please feel free to ask. I think my ebay feedback speaks for itself (100% positive with over 450 transactions) but if you have any concerns let me know. Thanks for looking!
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