Maneko (maneko_devilcat) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I'm selling some DVDs, English manga, and a few miscellaneous things.
I can accept Paypal (no credit cards) and US Postal Money Orders.

Everything is in excellent condition unless otherwise noted.
Everything is legitimate, not bootlegs.
I am willing to do trades if you have something that interests me.
Please leave a message below with you email or email me at maneko_devilcat (at) yahoo (dot) com.
Prices include shipping (US only).
If you buy multiple items, I'll reduce the cost.
The prices are not set in stone, feel free to make an offer.

My feedback is here.

Image hosted by
Kagerou Nostalgia: The Resurrection Volume 1
Tactics Volume 1
$6 each

Image hosted by
Passion 1 (Yaoi - Adult)

Image hosted by
El Hazard: The Alternative World Volume 01: The Priestess of Water (Episodes 1-4)
Nazca Volume 01 (Episodes 1-3)
Saiyuki Volume 01 (Episodes 1-5)
Soul Hunter (Houshin Engi) Volume 01: Taikoubou's Mission (Episodes 1-5)
$12 each

Image hosted by
Battle Athletes Volume 2: Ready... (Episodes 3-4)
Blue Seed Volume 01: the Nightmare Begins (Episodes 1-7) tear on plastic back
$12 each

Image hosted by
Battle Arena Toshinden
Ninja Scroll
$12 each

Image hosted by
Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie (comes w/ Ninku: The Movie)
cut in the plastic part of the spine

Image hosted by
Anime Guide 2002 DVD Catalog
Free if you buy other items or $3

Image hosted by
DBZ - Babidi - Descent (Episodes 205-207) a couple of tiny damages on the plastic
DBZ - Babidi - Battle Royale (Episodes 208-210) tear on the plastic spine
DBZ - Babidi - The Dark Prince Returns (Episodes 211-213) tiny tear on the plastic
DBZ - Babidi - Rivals (Episodes 214-216)
$12 each
$40 for the set

Image hosted by
Jet Li movies
- Deadly China Hero (Jet Li) (Widescreen Subbed) $5
- Lord of the Wu Tang (Jet Li) (Widescreen Subbed) $5
- The One (Jet Li) (Wide & Fullscreen, Special Edition, Audio - English/French) $10

Image hosted by
The Blair Witch Project (Fullscreen Special Edition) $7
Snake-Crane Secret (Dubbed) $5

Image hosted by
X (CLAMP) Volume 7 [Chinese Version]
The dust cover has some tiny wrinkles.

Image hosted by
Dragon Warrior Monsters for GameBoy
It was bought used. I've never played it. It works on my SP.

Image hosted by
The (Onna no Ko no Tame no) Renai Adventure for PlayStation2 (Japanese)
Will only play on a Japanese playstation.

Image hosted by
Ninja Scroll Cell
It came with membership to Manga (the company) 6-7 years ago.
make an offer

Image hosted by
NewTypeApril 2001 (Japanese)
Still has everything with it.

Image hosted by
W.i.t.c.h. Box Set (Books 1-4)
The books are in excellent condition, but the box has a few damaged areas.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Hana to Yume 2004.17
The furoku is Gakuen Alice Playing Cards
- Fruits Basket Chapter 96 + a color page
- V.B.Roozu Chapter 11
- Special A Chapter 11
- Skip Beat Chapter 54
- Oyayubi Kara Romance by Tsubaki Izumi + a color page
- Shanimuni GO Chapter 113
- Gakuen Alice Chapter 34
- Kin no Cupid by Yamada Nanpei (Oneshot) + a color page
- Mugen Spiral Chapter 8 + a color page
- Moebius Dooumei Chapter 25
- Teruteru X Shounen Chapter 60
- Noosatsu Junky Chapter 11
There are a couple of other series that are only a few pages long. The magazine is in great shape.

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Cute Stickers form a candy package
Free if you buy other items or $0.50
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