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Rocket Dive/Zilch/Pink Spider sunglasses for sale!

Here I am again, everyone. ^^; But this time our prices are lowered!!

Some of you may remember me from before, I was helping my boyfriend sell the glasses before, because he was sick and needed the money... Well he was getting better, but now he's getting sick again from overworking too early. He wants to perform at the Jrockcon in San Fran this November, with Seraphilia, but if he can't get well, he can't perform even one song. We're desperate to get money to pay for doctor visits to speed up his recovery, so if you guys could help, even just by telling a friend who you think would be interested, it would be a great help. ^^;

The store is here.

We have preorders for the Rocket Dive glasses and they are now $85 instead of the $100 we had it at before. The other Zilch/Pink Spider glasses are down to $25 instead of $30. If you don't want the glasses, we do have some other things you can look at, namely anime and a couple jrock magazines.

Please help us!! I'd appreciate it so much, and I'm sure he would too. ^^; Even telling a friend would be a big help. Thank you!!

- kaledrina -

x-posted everywhere... sorry if I flood your friends page. x.x
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