Lillith Mizer (silentsecret428) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Lillith Mizer

... if you're interested at all in these items, comment here.. that way if i know no one is..i'll stop posting these ads...i'll be willing to negotiate prices since i'm sort of in need of money now...

but if nothing comes up i guess i'll head to ebay.

Cardcaptor Sakura Stamps
Set of 3 in pink slip and clear wrapper
offer: $45+
These are rare prints on a wooden stamper featuring
Keroberos, Sakura and Tomoyo

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I bought these SO LONG ago off a nice girl from ebay; They didn't go for very cheap either.

But i figure they deserve to go to someone else since i don't use them.

If there is no interest, i will put them away for another year and bring them out again later XD


DIR EN GREY: Kaoru poster
Huge.. that's all i have to say ...around 23"
offer: $20 (because i found slight stains on them possibly from being kept in a tube)

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FFVIII Longbox 4CD soundtrack.
offer: $60+
Excellent condition.
Do your research if you don't know what this long box version is.

FFIX Soundtrack 4CH
bought it for $35 i believe... selling for $30...still in mint condition; listen to a couple of times..decided i didn't like the cover.

And a Gackt 2005 Poster in MINT MINT MINT condition...
so mint i haven't opened up the pages.
offer: $50+
Because its rare and mint..and unmarked..prestineeeee

Willing to sell each page for $10 each plus shipping in a tube.

(if it doesn't sell now i'll put it back up next year)

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