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DS: Black Peace Now, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Bernings Sho, Gabalnara wigs, Bodyline shoes

*Paypal only. If you prefer another payment method, please PM me.
*Prices already include shipping/Paypal fees within the U.S., International shipping is EXPENSIVE so please ONLY ask for international rates IF you are prepared to pay a lot.
*HOLDS only WITH a $10 deposit.
*Trades/partial trades for brand only. Brands like Candy Violet, Fan + Friend, or Bodyline ok. NO OFF-BRAND PLEASE. I am looking for a blouse from Moitie, or just about anything Putumayo or BTSSB. Please keep in mind I wear small sizes: Bust - 32 inches, Waist - 28 inches, Shoulders - 13 inches
If you have the Volks Baby the Stars Shine Bright BJD dresses (for SD mainly, but I'd still look at MSD too) I WOULD LOVE TO TRADE!!!
*Whoever leaves Paypal address first gets the item, not necessarily who comments first. Please note U.S. buyers get priority over international.
*If you have 0 feedback, I reserve the right to refuse a sale to you. You must present proof of feedback!

BPN Punk strap blouse
Bust: 34-35 inches
Waist: about the same
Price: $50 shipped within the U.S.

Bernings Sho Cutsew
Measurements: Men's size Medium
Chest/bust: 36 to 40 inches (made out of stretchy cutsew material)
Waist: about the same
Price: $80 shipped within the U.S.

with flash to show detail:

Hot Topic Stud Belt
Price: $20 shipped within the U.S.

Waist: up to 36 inches.

Why pay for $30 more Putumayo's when it's so much cheaper this way? >.<

Bodyline Creepers (BRAND NEW with box)
Size: 22.5cm (I feel these are actually 23cm because they are too big for me) U.S. size 5.5 - 6
Price: $55 shipped within the U.S.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Tulip Bouquet JSK ver. 2
Bust: 32 min to 35 inches Max (no shirring)
Waist: 24 min to 30 inches Max (waist ties)
Length: About 36 inches from shoulder to end of skirt (great for someone 5'5'' or even a little taller)
Price: $220 shipped within the U.S.

Close up of print:

NOTE ON THE WIGS: On my proof of ownership photos, my styrofoam wig head is small compared to a normal human head, so the styles do not reflect what they would be like worn on a human being's head (unless you have a really small head >.<)

Gabalnara Twiggy Cut wig Natural black (Prima-H fiber) New without tags, comes with wig cap
Price: $46 shipped within the U.S.
Proof of ownership:
(You are supposed to cut the bangs according to the site)

Gabalnara Short Bagaji Wig in All red-brown (Prima-H Heat resistant fiber) Comes with wig cap
I'm selling this because I bought it to style like the second photo, but I can't style hair for the life of me. So off it goes to someone who can. The wig has been washed, but the style hasn't completely relaxed, but it can be changed with heat tools.
Price: $46 shipped within the U.S.
This is the color, you're supposed to be able to style it like the photo with heat tools. I can link to the tutorial if anyone desires.

This is closer to how the wig came to me. You're supposed to cut the bangs according the site, if you want it like the photo.

Proof of ownership:

Cosworx Angie Wig in Auburn New with tags, does NOT come with wig cap (I don't have any extras)
Price: $26 shipped within the U.S.
Perfect if you want a style like Kokusyoku Sumire twins ^^

Clip in Bangs (natural black) I forget what brand it was.
Price: $18 shipped within the U.S.

My round face doesn't look good with side bangs >.<

BTSSB Usakyuma Postcard (I have two of these)
Price: Free with purchase of CLOTHING item, or anything over $40. Not selling separate, sorry.

Still selling BTSSB shoes, GLB's (all come with patterns), and some offbrand loliables here:
Please ask about prices/sizing.

Thanks for looking!
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