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Biseinen-ya (Formerly Ycon Auctions)

Yaoi-con Auctions - Week 8

This week's Auction is up! However, we are taking a pause from our usual convention fundraising and donating 100% of our funds raised for week 8 to  MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres) or Doctors without Borders to support their continuing efforts in Haiti. Click on the banner to take you to our Profile page -  please read through our terms/info.  If you decide to be a bidder, friend our journal FIRST or your bid will NOT be official and screened.

Thank you and have a good week!!


Up for Auction this week: Signed Hero Heel Clearfile by Tateno Makoto, Lucky Bags, Hakuoki New Year Set from Comiket 77, Signed Yaoi Manga by Kiriko Higashizato, Signed Yaoi Manga by Futaba Aoi and Mitsuba Kurenai, Hetalia Keeper/Card Sets - UK/France,  Studio Ghibli Totoro Desk Calendar, Signed Yaoi Doujinshi by Miyamoto Kano, Saiyuki Reload Prism Poster and signed Manga Repro Page from Train Train/Eiki Eiki.

Also up for Buy-It-Now: Minami Haruka's signed Print from her BITTER manga
You do not need to friend the LJ for this item.
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