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A few things for sale, I'd like to be able to get a bit of cash quickly so let me know if you can take any of these off my hands! Shipping is only included to the US/Canada. I will ship internationally, but please ask me for a price. :)

D.N. Angel 1-6 +box - for shipping, the box will be flattened. I can ship it without flattening the box, but it'll be +$10. Right now, with a flat box, I am asking $30 shipped.
.hack//Legend of The Twilight - $20 shipped
Gravitation boxset +movie - $35 shipped
Mirage of Blaze boxset - $30 shipped
Detective Loki Ragnarok 1, 6 +box - idk if I can flatten the box, so ask about shipping on this if you are interested.
Boogiepop Phantom complete series - $25 shipped
Sorcerer Hunters complete set - $25 shipped
Weiss Kreuz/Knight Hunters 1-4 +Weiss Kreuz Gluhen/Knight Hunters Eternity 1 - $30 shipped

Single DVDs - $10 shipped each
Desert Punk vol. 5
Gall Force
Fake complete series
Knights of Ramune complete series
Lost Universe 4-5
X Japan "best"

I also have an MSD BJD for sale. He's a CustomHouse Marco. I received him on Dec. 24th, but he just isn't fitting in. He'll come nude/bald, but he has a default faceup from CustomHouse and he also has a pair of acrylic eyes (either blue or brown, your choice.)

I can post pictures on request, but I am asking $230 which includes shipping/tracking/full insurance OR make me an offer.

I will also trade for certain manga on my list here! (And I need anything in the "Need" column... common sense, yes, but I have had people offering me manga I already own, so I thought I'd just make note of it. ^^;)
Tags: anime, dolls: general
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