Kelly ☆ミ (lunarkitten) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Kelly ☆ミ

Multiple CLAMP titles, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gurren Lagann, and more!

Hey everyone. I'm trying to clean house and build up my savings account for school, so here's my sell pile.

I have:
- Fullmetal Alchemist manga vols. 1-10
- Magic Knight Rayearth manga vols. 1-3
- Umi and Mokona plushies (Magic Knight Rayearth)
- Chobits manga vols. 1-8 (complete!)
- Cardcaptor Sakura manga vol. 1
- Eerie Queerie! manga vols. 1-4 (also complete!)
- Gurren Lagann vol. 1 DVD (sub only)

FMA: Make an offer! I would like to get at least $50 -- that's half of what you'd pay for all of these at once. I really want to sell these as a set, but if nobody bites then I'll consider breaking them up. They all have some minor shelfwear but are clean and in great shape.

MKR: Asking $10 for all three. I can break these up if you want. All have shelfwear but are in good condition.

Umi plushie: Asking $10. She's about 12" tall.

Mokona plush: Asking $10. Not counting the ears, he's about 7" tall.

Chobits: Asking $50 for all 8. I would like to sell them as a set but will consider breaking them up if nobody wants it. They have been read and passed around and it shows, but they aren't beat-up or anything.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Never been read, like new. Asking $5.

Eerie Queerie!: All show signs of shelfwear and being read, but still in good shape. Asking $15 for the whole set, will consider breaking them up.

Gurren Lagann: This is SUB ONLY and has episodes 1-8. Only the first disc has been watched. There are no scratches on either disc.

Please feel free to make offers on this stuff if you don't like my prices. I just want it gone!

I prefer Paypal, but I'll also take checks, money orders, and concealed cash. Everything here comes from a smoke-free, pet-free home and is in great condition. Shipping will be based on location, so please give me your zip code for an estimate. I have 100% positive feedback here on Ebay as both a buyer and a seller!

Thanks a lot! <3
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