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Question and Concerns about a Sale... (details inside)

(In advance, I'm sorry if this doesn't belong here; please feel free to remove/move/edit as needed)

I'm just curious but; about how long would you wait on a package before writing in to Paypal or whatever services are required at that point?

I'm quite a patient person. Myself, I've had issues where I couldn't get a package out on time (and if that happens, I normally comp the insurance payment/whatnot in return) but I've grown a bit tired of waiting for a package that I paid for at the beginning of December.

(To protect the seller atm, I'm calling them "Anon") Anon informs me, after I've paid, that they would be moving soon and would get the package out the following day if they could. Fast-forward to after Christmas; no word from them. I wasn't on LJ much over the holidays, so part of that was my fault and with the horrible storms that occurred around then, I figured that the package could have gotten lost or misplaced.

Cut again to last week. I patiently write them a quick note, saying that I hadn't received the package yet and finally get a reply. Anon hadn't been able to send it out yet and says that they misplaced my mailing address. I reply back with the information and ask that they put a tracking number on the package. As of that point, I haven't heard back.

I used the "Gift" function on Paypal so I'm not even sure I could get the money-back for the item at all and I guess I should have noted if there were any warning signs. (For the record, the other buyers of their items all posted that they received them and replied with positive feedback). The only sign I could think of was the fact the Anon's younger sister wanted to trade over some of the data on the DS cart I bought and while I thought that was a bit odd, I didn't really put up an issue about it.

So, long story short...it's getting close to 2 months. Should I just try to message her again and ask for a refund or go about other routes (like Paypal, LJ *if they could even do anything*, etc) and perhaps have to call it a loss?

Any and all help is appreciated in this matter and I hope that, if this is a story of someone skipping out on sending an item, that the community at least gains that knowledge from this situation.

(Also, because I just remembered, I believe I found them through sales here at GSJ but I will double-check to make sure and update *or reply, if I can't edit) to let everyone know.)
Tags: !scammer
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