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Prophet of an art immovable to old idolatries.

Kingdom Hearts guide, Japanese Living Language learning set

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Strategy Guide
(2009) Retail = 20$

There is one crease in the binding and the top right corner of the cover is a bit bent, but otherwise it is fine. There are no markings in the book and the poster is untouched.


My camera is broken so I had to go with a stock. Sorry!

Japanese Living Language Complete Course - The Basics
Edition 4 (2008) Retail value = 30$

400-page course book with exercises and grammar references
4 audio CDs
285-page dictionary

I used the course-book for the first few lessons, so it is lightly used. There is a pen-smudge on the back, but is otherwise in like-new condition. I never used the dictionary, as I have a huge one that I used instead. I also used the first CD only. So all in all, everything is new or like-new.
I never used the rebate coupon, but I think it requires the receipt, which I can not find.


Shipping is 3.50 per item. Tracking is another 50 cents. Both items = 4.50$ shipping.
These prices are also negotiable!
I can take PP or MO. I live in the US.
NO TRADES unless you have a Pokemon Platinum guide or Akatsuki/Uchiha doujinshi.
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