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Anime Stuff again and Kingdom Heart and other Game Merchandise

Anime Stuff again and Kingdom Heart and other Game Merchandise

I'm in the UK so prices are listed in GBP, I will ship international but for International payment I can only accept payment via paypal. Postage / Shipping is done at cost plus a tiny bit for packaging. Please email me for a quote.

UK postage starts at: £0.35
International starts at: £1.40 (for up to 100g)

I accept payment via Cash, Cheque, Postal Order, or Paypal. (International Paypal only, or Dollar via post for my holiday ^_^)
Any questions please let me know, I am more then happy to help!: GemVtay[at]rcg-taylor[dot]co[dot]uk

Please add £0.35 for payments via paypal (I hate doing it but I state this in my UK posts so I must add it to everyone)

Help me clear some much needed space and get some spending money towards my holiday.

Sara Bryant Capsule Figure from Japan: £2.50
Shes been displayed and assembled but is still in great condition with original capsule insert sheet.

Small Anime Sticker Sheets: £2.00 each
27cm x 19cm Brand New

Large Anime Sticker Sheets: £3.25 each *Cardcaptor Sakura Bottom Right SOLD*
36cm x 25cm Brand New

Kingdom Hearts Official Mini Sticker Sheets from Japan: £0.35 each *1st, 4th, 7th, 8th SOLD*

Other Official Kingdom Hearts Stuff from Japan
Badges: £1.50 each *Malificent SOLD*
These are great as they are metallic as the picture is painted on to the silver of the badge or something
Keyring: £1.25 *Heartless SOLD*
Charms: £2.50 each *Rikku SOLD*

Cardcaptor Italian Diamond Stickers: 6 Stickers Per Packet, many packets available £0.35 per packet

Phone Straps: £0.60 each 2nd and 5th Sold

Lots of Sailor Moon Trading Cards £2.50

PP (Pull Packs) Cardcaptors Trading Cards: PP4 and PP5 £6.50
Brand New and never opened, Trading Cards from Japan. Each pack contains: 1 Foil on Front, 34 Enveloped Cards, 2 Foils/SP's in envelopes, 32 Regular Cards

Badges Various Anime 1 1/2 inch in size £0.50 each. C3, C7, C10, C14, C15 Sold
I can do custom badges of anything on request

More stuff (Anime badges, EGL dress) or to look at my feedback go to: http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZgemvtay
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