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Manga/anime clearing lot

I'm trying to get rid of all of these. The majority of manga is $2, and a bunch of $1-3 things as well as art books and CD's. If your interested feel free to post here or pm me.

All manga $2:
Rurouni Kenshin:5
Dragon Ball: 1
Prince of Tennis: 1,2,4
Once Piece: 1
All New Tenchi Muyo: 1,2
Love Hina: 1,13
x/1999: 13
xxxHolic: 1
Hands off: 2
Death Note: 2,4
Neo GenEva: 9
Cain Saga:4
Hana Kimi:1
Eureka 7: 1
Tokyo Boys + Girls:1
The Wallflower: 1
Ranma 1/2: 2,4
Bleach: 1
Real About High school:1
Inu Yasha: 2, 13-17
Peace Maker: 1
Genshiken: 1
Immortal Rain: 4
Tactics: 2
Ultra Maniac: 1
Gamerz Heaven: 1
B.B. Explosion: 2

Witch Hunter Robin
Rahxephon: 1
with box
Scrapped Princess:1
Descendants of Darkness: 1


set $4
.Hack Sign DVD with box and CD

Fruits Basket manga 1-7: $17
Tenchi Artbook: $10

Shipping is probably $3-4 depending on where you are in the U.S. and if you buy multiple I'll probably just do a flat rate. If you feel like a price is too high, go ahead and ask me I'll probably lower it.

Paypal please and you can send the payment to the following email: and pm info. Thanks~
ebay feedback:

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