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Sales post!
♥ I'm wanting to raise a bit of cash so i've been clearing out and have lots of cute stuff for sale! Many bags, purses, wallets, jewellery and random accessories up for grabs!

♥ Shipping is from the UK and prices are in £ sterling and include UK postage, so everywhere else will cost a bit more. Paypal payments (plus fees) only please.

♥ I'm a reliable seller and I currently have 384 positive feedback ratings on thriftstoreuk which can be checked by going here: http://tsukfb-2007.livejournal.com/7779.html#cutid1

♥ I may do deals if you buy more than 1 item!


Glittery bangle from Asda bnwt.

Dorothy Perkins 3 set of beaded bangles bnwt.

H&M Hello Kitty hair accessory kit set in case bnwt.

Sanrio cinnamoroll clouds purse, used only once.

Swimmer dessert pouch, bnwt.

Topshop sparkly bubble ring size L - worn once and I realised it was too big for me, so I went back and got it in a medium instead.

Big glittery topshop bubble silver/blue ring size M

Topshop bubble black and glittery silver ring size M

New Look ivory bangle bnwt

Xtras star bangle bnwt

Babycham trainers size 7. I think I may have worn them briefly once, but they're in as new condition.

Paperchase clip purse bnwt.

Paperchase cat pouch case. Used only once so in as new condition.

Primark silver metallic bag. Used a few times but in excellent condition.

Vintage Sanrio Spottie Dottie case. In used but good condition. I've naother one similar ro this and I use it to store make up in.

Disney shop Minnie Mouse stationery set in case. Cost me £12 originally & will be heavyish to post..

Vintage Sanrio Spottie Dottie bag/case. In used but good condition & so cute!

Miss Selfridge shimmery box/case bag, bnwt - cost me £22!

Topshop flowers bag, bnwt - cost me £22!

Paperchase cats bowling bag, bnwt. So cute but I don't think i'll use it :(
£12 - will be posted in a box.

Miss Selfridge heart bracelet bnwt.

Keychain, each free with purchases over £5!

Claire's hard case wallet, bnwt.

Cute large make up bag/toiletries bag, bnwt.

Silky sunglasses case pouches
£2 (for both)

Cram Cream piggy pass case. Used once, in as new condition.

Cram Cream glittery ponies wallet - Been used but still in good condition, few minor maaks to the edges etc but nothing major!

Cram Cream cupcakes pouch - used once but in excellent condition.
£5 - ON HOLD

Dorothy Perkins pink beaded necklace, bnwt.

Red or Dead clouds bag. This used to be my favourite bag but i've not used it in ages :( It's in used but good condition. Nice sturdy material, perfect for the summer i think. Cost me £30!

Super cute lovehearts bag, bnwt

New Look sequin clutch bag, bought for a night out but used something else instead so it's brand new without tags.

Neon gola bag as featured here: http://www.schuh.co.uk/gola/multi-gola-bronson/7500299960/
I love this, I have another exactly the same that I used as my flight bag for New York and will be doing so again when I go in May. I bought this as a spare incase my other one got trashed but it was fine.
It's selling online for £20 (what it cost me) so i'd want £15 for it.

Cram Cream party tote bag. Used a couple of times but in excellent condition.

H&M shoulder bag. Used a couple of times but in excellent condition.

Paperchase purse, BNWT.

New Look tartan bow headband, BNWT.

Accessorize glittery cat purse. used only once.

Hello Kitty tomato patch pouch

Sanrio Cinnamoroll trainer keychain

Fluff poodle luggage tag/bag charm BNWT

Hello Kitty puffy sticker sheet

Primark white/neon button bag, BNWT.

H&M polka dot purse/mini make up bag, BNWT.

Oopsy Daisy funny money wallet. Used a few times, in great condition.

Urban Outfitters black clip purse, BNWT. Cost me £14 =/

Primark hair grips, never used.

Little Twin Stars pouch, great for clipping in a ringbinder file.

Hello Kitty kimono handbag with cute Kitty keychain attached! BNWT, I'm reluctant to sell this but needs must :(

Loungefly Tootsie Roll purse, used only once.

Dorothy Perkins black quilted bag. Used a couple of times max, so in excellent condition.

Betseyville grafitti bag, comes with removable pouch. This cost me a fortune in Macy's in New York and i've only ever used it once so it's in as new condition.

Gola neon shoulder bag, BNWT. Love the colours of this!

Topshop flowers shoulder bag, really roomy so great for college or uni! BNWT.

Swimmer kitty ruffle pouch, BNWT.

H&M tartan shoulder bag, BNWT.

Kuromi mini handbag, BNWT. Could be used as a make up bag too!

Swimmer Alice bow tote bag, BNWT. This is awesome but my style has changed a little since buying it..

Glittery star fawn kilt pin brooch

Claire's penguin double compact mirror, brand new.

Boots Puurfect purse and two lipglosses, BNWT.

H&M bird heart brooch, this cost me loads on ebay!

Chupa Chups phone charms.

Claire's ice cream phone charm.

Cram Cream cats bow tote bag, BNWT.

Babycham trainers size 7, brand new in box. I bought these in Office a few months ago for £30, but I don't think i'll ever get round to wearing them..

Cram Cream mushrooming tote bag bnwt.

Hello Kitty lady tote bag. Used once, so in excellent condition. I've had it for a few years though and i've noticed a slight bit of discolouration to the furry kitty on the front (see picture) but i'm sure it would be easy enough to wash that out.

Swimmer Cookies pouch, again used once and in excellent condition.

Harajuku Lovers bag & bracelet set, both brand new. I got these in Bloomingdales in New York last year when purchasing one of the perfumes. Last time I checked ebay they were making a good bit.

Little glittery heart box bag, brand new without tags. Bought a few months ago in a little boutique in Belfast for £27 but I just have too many bags like this.

Little Twin Stars mini suitcase bag. Can't believe i'm selling this, but I've had it for years and have never used it, I'd like it to go to someone who'll appreciate it! Will cost me a good bit to post!

Junk Food bag made By Kid Pirate. Has been used a bit and there's a bit of bobbling to the material, otherwise in very good condition.

Cath Kidston star pouch. Has been used quite a bit and has some marks on it, hence the lower price.

Lucky charm Irish pig keyring, BNOC.

Powerpuff Girls pencil case, BNIP.

Claire's glittery cat phone pouch. Used once, no use for it now i've got my iphone.

Cute junk food compact mirror, BNIP.

Huge glittery cupcake brooch, bought from Etsy but never worn.

Cute sweets/teddy hairclips (4 in total)

Evans plastic ring (size: extra small)

Ice Cream cameo necklace, bought on Etsy. Never worn.

Accessorize bird purse, BNWT.

M&S felt cat pouch, BNWT.

Sanrio Frooliemew pouch, in used but good condition.

Cram Cream glittery bunny DS case/wristlet pouch. Used a few times, few very minor marks.

Hello Kitty shimmery mermaid pouch, bnwt.

Kawaii notelets in plastic case

Hello Kitty party invitations.

Little Twin Stars mini pencil case.

Little Twin Stars pouch, used a few times max, in excellent condition.

SAN-X removable panda in costume charm

Yum Pop keychains, in used but good condition, few minor marks!

Ollie and Nic mesh bag with sequin butterflies, bnwt.

Paperchase cats make up bag/pencil case BNWT.

Paperchase butteflies bag, in used but very good condition.

Sanrio Little Twin Stars bag (comes with removable pin) - I paid loads for this bag and it's still in very good condition but there are a few slight marks and pin marks in a few places, hence the lower price.

Hello Kitty Loungefly bag. Brand new without tags, would be prefect for the beach as it's a nice big size!

Topshop owls bag, used once so in excellent condition.

Schuh wristlet bag, bought this ages ago, it got lost in my wardrobe until now.. 0.o

Hello Kitty sky bnwt pouch.

Babie Deer purple necklace, i've worn this maybe once.

My Melody quilted bag BNWT. I think this bag is amazing, but I really need the money at the moment and i've never used it. Features lots of cute animals, etc.

Super yummy looking cake slice earrings, never worn.

Sanrio Hoshikuma memo pad in cute plastic box.

Flower heart necklace

Random Japanese, Disney Store stuff.

San-x Wanroom shower & duckie mobile phone holder. Sooo cute and brand new with tags - just been sat unused in my room for a couple of years now!

Little Twin Stars vanity case - great for using as a jewellery case or crafts holder. It's brand new - i've had it for a few years and all that time it was just being used to store some of my Japanese Stationery.

Q-Lia pouch, so cute & colourful & BNWT. Very rare.

Yummy ice cream necklace! Worn only once.

Naughty Kitty patch, can be sewn or ironed on.

Cute cake clips made by Dollyday. They've never been used but are slighty tarnished.

Hello Kitty quilted strawberry bag. Brand new without tags.

Ice Cream plastic card BNIP (using for setting under the piece of paper you're writing on)

Decole pink chair ornament. So cute and in as-new condition.

Boots toiletry bag BNWT, great for taking with you on trips.

Hello Kitty jewel handbag. Used once but in as new condition. Cute polka dot lining.

Disney Marie cat make up bag/pencil case BNWT.

Care Bears plush. In as new condition, just been sitting in my cupboard for years!

Cute pink bolt bag, used once.

Care Bears notebook and stickers, both brand new.

Cram Cream mushrooms pouch, soo cute! Only used once so in like new condition.

Claire's floral clip pouch BNWT.

HK mini postit notes

HK diner notelets & stickers

Cram cream ducks mini tray, brand new and never used.

Cute Q-Lia make up bag BNWT.

Cram Cream paper napkins, bnip.

Hello Kitty notepad & mini clipboard. Only a few sheets have been used.
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