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WTS: Yaoi Manga

 Hey, guys.  Went on a buying spree recently for yaoi manga (both here and in local stores).  Got it, read it, keeping some, selling the rest.  All yaoi manga is $4/book unless otherwise priced.  Shipping is a flat rate of $3 for US residents, higher if you're International (PM for a quote).  Does not include Insurance or Delivery Confirmation.  

$4 Yaoi Manga:

You Will Fall In Love
A Capable Man
Tricky Prince
Hanky Panky - a bended corner on back, pics in link.
Brilliant Blue
On Bended Knee SOLD

Dog x Cat SOLD

Because I'm A Boy
After I Win
God of Dogs
Hard Rock
The Dawn of Love
Romantic Illusions
Hot Steamy Glasses

Dear Myself and World's End - $6 for both
I'll Be Your Slave - $2
Little Butterfly - $9 for the set, $4 for shipping since they're heavier

Pics are here, feedback is here and here, Wishlist is here.

Questions, comments, suggestions - you know what to do.
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