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Sale: Tokidoki, Angelic Pretty, In the Starlight, Lolita shoes & Doc Martens

-Shipping from US
-Prices in USD
-Paypal only
-I have kitties but they are kept away from my clothes
-Smoke free home
-Feel free to haggle
-Prices do not include shipping
-If you have any other questions or want measurements feel free to ask!

Also, I wasn't sure if the Doc Martens were OK or not. They are super common in japanese fashion so I thought they'd be ok, but if not I'd be happy to remove them.

Tokidoki Windbreaker
Worn 2 times by me
No damage or flaws
Price: $35

Tokidoki Shirt
Worn 3 or 4 times by me
No damage or flaws
Price: $20

Angelic Pretty socks
I bought these socks and have never worn them.
They have had several owners before me and are a bit worn.
The logo on the bottom of each sock is starting to wear off and they have a bit of a dark stain on the bottom as seen in the pics. However it is not visible if worn and the top of the socks are in fine condition.
Price: $10

Angelic Pretty Plastic Headband
Worn twice by me
No damage or flaws
Price: $40

In The Starlight AP replica skirt
Bought off the comm sales
Worn once by me
No flaws or damage
Size: S I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with a waist bigger than about 24 1/2 inches
Price: $24

Doc Martens
I love these shoes to death but they just don't match most of my wardrobe T.T
Bought new in the store
Worn only about 5 times by me
Size: UK-5, EU-38, US-7
Slight damage shown in the pics. No other damage on shoes
Price: $72

Montreal Shoes
-Size 7-7.5
-Worn about 4 times
-Good condition
-Slight wear on the bottom of the shoes and a little bit of damage to the side of the shoes. Its not noticeable when they're worn.
Asking Price: $32

Pearl Necklace
Bought off comm sales
No damage
Worn once by me
Elastic necklace
Price: $8
Tags: fashion: egl

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