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24 February 2010 @ 02:07 am
quick cd sale from mucc, dir en grey, miyavi, and hide  

Need to make some quick cash - _-   PAYPAL ONLY       FIRST COME FIRST SERVE

items are:

- kuchiki no tou(Japan regular edition)
- houyoku (Japan limited edition W/ DVD)
- homura uta (european release) *note two of the disc holder spiky-thingys broke off, but still hold the disc in place well
- shion(US release)

dir en grey:
- the marrow of a bone (US release)
- agitated screams of maggots(US release)

- ashita, genki ni naare(Japan)

- Hide your face(Japan)

Dir en grey - Macabre [Limited First Press W/ engraved case and beads)
Super smash bros. melee soundtrack DISC ONLY (from Nintendo Power)

-Final Fantasy 8 Japan import [Complete Black Label]

Come check everything out here!

dunoo why, but click the 'here' again on the next page' (Don't know how to use LJ cut T.T)
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