Brandi Marie. (x___shabutie) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Brandi Marie.

Manga voulumes 2,4,6,7!
SM costume!
Figures and more!

Come on guys, buy this stuff.
Paypal only! Ships from USA to USA, Canada, UK and SOME other countries. Ask!

First, I have these sailor moon costumes. They are by a brand called LoveDream and are brand new in box. The size is an xs/sm (see picture) but are very stretchy. Comes with the gloves, tiara, front bow and fuku.
I have 2, and they are $35 each

Manga for sale! All have good bindings, no loose pages. There are some slight corner and edge wear on a couple of volumes, along with spine creases. See the pics and let me know if you have more questions. Each volume is $15 or 3 for $42. Price is non-negotiable due to the fact that my overspending has made me near short for bills! lol. Please let me know what shipping service you would like. I can ship 3 in a flat rate box for $5, or I can use media mail for large lots. Thanks!

volume 1, 3 & 5 sold!

Now, onto the other goods:

Mars Puffy Plush- has tiny blue dots all over the front of her. Probably wont come out. $2
Backpack- old & dirty, missing front logo- $2
Mars plush- missing tag, a bit dirty and has pen mark on leg (don't know if it will come out) - $3
Venus Plush- missing tiara jewel but otherwise good shape- $2
Red child's backpack- with tag& toei sticker- $12
Pink S child's backpack - $9
Rini mini tote bag- $3.50

Sealed puzzle - $4.50SOLD
Diamond doll sealed, but front of box has sticker residue and pen marks $22
Moon Cycle sealed- $9
Jewel box sealed- SOLD
Black Lady Doll sealed but crinkled plastic- $20
Tuxedo Spinning doll sealed- $10

Jupiter pachi pachi figure- $5
Playmat new with toei sticker - 1$2 SOLD
Lunchbox scratched and slightly dented- $5SOLD
Uranus in package without booklet and wand $5 SOLD
Tenchi VHS- $1 each
Jupiter, Mars (Sealed), Two Player (Sealed) card decks- $6 jupiter, $8 each other 2
Hello Kitty pencils $1 for all
YA Novels $1 each
Meet sailor Moon book $1
SMR notebook $2.50

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