Luna (catgirl_luna) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hi everyone!

I have a few things forsale first up are the spares in my Chobits Manga Version trading cards. Bought a white box and ended up getting the entire set save for SP-1 and A-7 (if anyone has these cards looking to buy from you!), So i'm selling all my spares, they're listed under the cut along with their prices. Pictures given on request.

I also have a few pencil boards under the cut as well their prices are right next to them as well.

I am willing to trade but only cards for other trading cards and pencil boards for other pencil boards. So show me what you have or what you're willing to trade for.

I only accept paypal, shipping is also not included in any of the prices. If there are any questions please don't heasitate to ask. :3

I have feedback under the user moon_cat_uno
I also have feedback at the following places:

Chobits Manga Version Trading Cards:

All Cards are up on Bonanzle please check them out there for pictures!

Pencil Boards:

HunterXHunter Board: $3.00

.Hack Board: $3.00

Inuyasha Board: $3.00

Sukisyo Board: $3.00
Tags: collectibles
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