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BJDs FS! SOOM MD Glot and Custom House Prayer Choa

Hello! I have two rare BJDs for sale! Please read below to find out about them :3

Location: Texas, USA
Price for Choa: $415 *LIMITED TIME PRICE* (not including shipping) price includes new faceup by Dyubbk and wig.
Payment method: PAYPAL ONLY. NO E-CHECKS.
Shipping: Shipping is done on weekends. Price of shipping depends on your location.

Choa with new faceup (pictured borrowed from Dybbuk, the faceup artist) :

Location: Texas, USA

Item Description: SOOM Monthly Doll Glot. Blushed and face uped! *NOTE* Has a spot/knick on side of hooves and one small one on her horns. Could be fixed, I just don't have the supplies or the talent. She will have her horn, wings, human legs, wig, eyes and an outfit from luts. So she is a Full Set just not the full SOOM set. Faceup and blushing done by the lovely and wonderful YukiBombay!

Price: $550 (Not including shipping or ppal fees) without clothes and wig: $425

Payment: PAYPAL ONLY! NO E-CHECKS!!! I might be willing to do a money order but you need to pm me to discuss it.

Shipment: Usually occurs on weekends or Wednesdays, shipping payment depends on your location.


Will take more pictures with more interest. She comes with EVERYTHING pictured plus her human legs!

Please comment if you're interested! No Trades!! Will negotiate price!
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