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Bah... always an excuse to sell things.. this time it is to have some extra money for moving out next month >.<

Make me an offer with everything.. please... >.< meep.. I will do trades, special processing and any other requests.. within reason.

if there are any questions my e-mail is thank you!





Flame of Recca

Initial D


Light Magic-I've only seen these at NAime Expo 2004 and selling online for way more than I want to pay >.>

Sailor Moon

Card Captor Sakura

Yu Yu Hakusho

Teen Titans


Cased Closed- only one card, promo, that it is

Fafner-These are promo cards, the four make a nifty picture^^


Random AnimePlay stickers

Tea Club Stickers^^

These were all won during something or another and Gantz and Sailormoon are sealed, Legend however was opened and viewed, but is still in grand condition.

Gantz- Volume 6

Legend of Crystania-The chaos ring

Sailor Moon S- TV series Vol 3

GTO- Volume 24, it was purchased for a scavenger hunt.. great condition still.

Random Doujinshi, also purchased for the scavenger hunt -_- not my kind of thing..

Whee! Random postcardness >.> but no fruits basket ; ;

these three were for Tenchi and aren't exactly postcards...

Geneon did a demo type disc with soundtracks and clips from certain animes and such, it's an uber long list O.o but Faner, Appleseed, Samurai Champloo, Noir, Fruits Basket, Paranoia Agent, Star Ocean Ex, and petite Cosette are some, jsut to name a few >.<

Random phone thingy^^;; I <3 mine for some reason..

Two Card Captor Sakura puzzles, still in their boxes

Robotech pin

Random kitty ciao watch I won by catching floating dollars in a booth >.> dun ask... it's cute, but I don't do watches...

I know there will be questions ... if only those asking where my sanity went >.< so yeah.. thank you for at least looking^^;;; and if you have any questions, jsut let me know...k...


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