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auctions ending within a day

MARQUEE vol. 18
Originally uploaded by frilly military.
Japanese music magazines focusing mainly on the Shibuya-kei style (constant appearances made by Kahimi Karie, Takako Minekawa, Pizzicato Five, Hideki Kaji, Cornelius, etc.):
  1. MARQUEE vol. 18: feat. Kahimi Karie, etc. (no bids yet)
  2. MARQUEE vol. 19: feat. Takako Minekawa, etc.
  3. MARQUEE vol. 20: feat. Original Love, etc. (no bids yet)
  4. MARQUEE vol. 23: feat. Yura Yura Teikoku, etc. (no bids yet)
  5. MARQUEE vol. 24: feat. Pizzicato Five, etc. (special issue commemorating the end of Pizzicato Five)
  6. MARQUEE vol. 26: feat. Cymbals, etc. (no bids yet)
  7. MARQUEE vol. 29: feat. Original Love, etc. (special anniversary issue) (no bids yet)
10% discount if the same person wins all seven auctions!

Also ending within a day: CLAMP: Magic Knight Rayearth, rare playing cards.
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