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Jpop and anime CDs for sale

I have the following CDs for sale. Please email me at order @ if interested or if you have questions. International and U.S. buyers welcome. I also currently have some video-game-related auctions posted at:

I also have a shop site that I'll be updating in a couple of weeks once my auctions wind down. Please check there for my sale terms, shipping costs, methods of payment, and other info. Please visit it at:

Thanks for looking!


Boogiepop Phantom original soundtrack: Doemstic 2-CD set from AnimeTrax. Catalog number AT9310. Includes slipcase in excellent condition. CDs have no scratches or scuffs. $10

Cipher - The Music: VDR-20002. Vocal songs based on the manga "Cipher" by Minako Narita. No obi. No scratches or scuffs. $7

(Darkness of the Sea, Shadow of the Moon) Memorial: PCCG-00160. Includes vocal, karaoke, and and instrumental tracks inspired by the anime "Umi no Yami, Tsuki no Kage" based on the manga by Chie Shinohara. CD has slight scuffs that do NOT affect playback. No obi. $10

(Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex) be Human: VICL-61217. Music by Yoko Kanno. Obi included. No scratches or scuffs. $20

Kamen Rider Last Message - Complete Box: AVCA-14581-5. This is a 5-CD set of various Kamen Rider music, including instrumentals and vocals. Also includes one disc full of just karaoke versions of the vocal songs. Comes in a cardboard slipcase. $50

Macross Song Selection: VICL-41207. The recently released CD has various vocal songs from the Macross series, including "Voices" sung by Akino Arai. 20 tracks. Obi included. No scratches or scuffs. $15

(The Prince of Tennis) Character CD single - Kiyosumi Sengoku: NECM-11015. CD has a light scratch that does not affect playback. No obi. Comes in a slimline case. $3

(The Prince of Tennis) Character CD single - Shinji Ibu: NECM-11011. No scratches or scuffs. No obi. Comes in a slimline case. $3

(The Prince of Tennis) Ometto SAMBA: NECM-12042. No scratches or scuffs. Obi included. $3

(Ikuo; The Prince of Tennis) Long Way: NECM-12047. CD single of the opening theme. The jewel case has a crack running almost the entire width of the bottom of the front cover. CD has a light scratch that does not affect playback. No obi. $3

Shoujo anime theme songs: COCC-10805. Includes theme songs from various anime, including "Mahou no Mako-chan" and "Cutey Honey." 18 songs. No obi. CD has light scuffs that do NOT affect playback. $10

Tekkaman Blade II - Next Generation: KICA-194. Mix of instrumental and vocal tracks, including one sung by Megumi Hayashibara. Includes obi. Has a few very tiny scratches that do NOT affect playback. $10

Tsure-chan no Yuuutsu: PCCG-00188. Instrumental and vocal songs, including 2 songs sung by Akino Arai. No obi. CD has no scratches or scuffs. $10

Vampire Princess Miyu Seiyoujinmahen: PCCG-00229. This 2-CD set comes in an LP-size box, and each CD comes in its own jewel case. Disc 1 is the Seiyoujinmahen Drama Album 3; disc 2 is the Seiyoujinmahen Ongakuhen 1 (referred to in the set as the Seiyoujinmahen Original Soundtrack). There are two empty slots in the box, presumably for the first 2 drama albums. $20

Wings of Honneamise original soundtrack: 35MD-1025. No obi. CD has no scratches or scuffs. $10


(Enya) Anywhere Is: WPCR-1149. Import CD from Japan includes "Anywhere Is," "Book of Days," "Caribbean Blue" and "Orinoco Flow." Includes obi. NEW and unopened. $5

Eurobeat Disney: AVCW-12130. Various Disney songs arranged in a Eurobeat style and performed by familiar Eurobeat artists such as Domino, King & Queen, Derrek Simon, Dave Rodgers, Mega NRG Man, and more. 17 tracks. No obi. CD has a slight scuff that does NOT affect playback. $7

(Galla) Natsu no kakera: CTDR-25010. 3-inch CD single. Cover and CD have "rental" stickers. No scratches or scuffs. $2

(Hitomi Mieno) 23.4: VICL-60396. Album sung by Hitomi Mieno, with some music composed by Akino Arai. CD has no scratches or scuffs. Obi included. $10

(Junko Iwao) Alive: PCCG-00496. Iwao is a voice actress who has also sung several anime theme songs. CD has a few light scratches that do not affect playback. Obi included. $10

(Megumi Hayashibara) Iravati: KICS-640. Singer and voice actress for many, many anime. Comes with slipcase, a small photo postcard of Megumi, and a hardcover photo booklet with pictures of her at the beach and in a forest. All in excellent condition. The CD has some light scratches that do not affect playback. No obi. $15

(Megumi Hayashibara, Go Takahashi) Carnival Babel Revival: KICM-1084. A cover of the original "Blue Seed" opening song by Takada Band. 5-inch "maxi single" in cardboard cover. 7 songs, including karaokes. Includes a small sticker sheet. No scratches or scuffs. $5

(Nanase Aikawa) Red: CTCR-18001. Full album with 11 songs. Several prongs of the inside tray are broken. CD has no scratches or scuffs. I think I have the obi, but no guarantees. $10

The Return of Video Game Music: ALR-22004. This is a vinyl LP with original and arranged songs. Includes 13 songs, from Dig Dug II, Dragon Buster, Metro Cross, Gaplus, and Tower of Druaga. Still plays well, no visible scratches or skips. Sleeve and obi are in very good condition. $3

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